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2014-brazil-world-cup-techYes,  As a Pitbull enthousiast and Dutchman i should have been delighted with the way the world cup has been evolving the first few days.  A great performance of the openingsong by one of my favourite rappers AND a 1-5 Alpha Sierra Sierra whooping of Spain by the Netherlands.  A big hurray one might think but…

imageHans,  mishandeld (edit : 14/06/2014) door vader word door jeugdzorg gedwongen bezoek van zijn vader opgelegd. Moeder doet alles in haar macht om de jongen daar te krijgen en over te dragen aan de mensen van jeugdzorg die overduidelijk niet in de minste zin geïnteresseerd zijn in het welzijn van deze jongen.

map-netherlandsWhich one of you all remembers the 2005 Dutch and French referendum over the EU constitution trumping the constitutions of those respected countries ending in a solid 61.5% NO?  I do.  And how about the referendum over the Euro currency beeing implemented endin in a WHOPPING 80+% NO?  So what did the Dutch government do?  They ignored the “peasants” and voted yes in the dutch parliament in Den Hague.


Honestly,… that’s like buying “Childrens Aspirin” @ Bayer of Physer, they make no secret about it… they brag about it on their own website :

And now they’re out to “feed the world”?


Here’s 34 undeniable online marketingfacts for you to use in order to skyrocket your sales in 2014.  On inspection we noticed there beeing a HUGE gap between mobile demand and only 10% of local businesses offering a site for mobile devices.   Adding a blog to your website will improve visitors as wel as consumer confidence.  Having your brand written about by a blogger seems to be more effective than placing an add.  And the use of power words is a huge factor in consumer attraction.  Read more beneficial facts in this article.

PopeFrancisWhen i came across the article about the pope calling to legitimize redistribution of wealth recently i was shocked and appalled.  Blatantly stating governments should have the power to mandate the flow of money to “the poor”.  All this off course was beeing promoted under the guise of love and solidarity but nothing could be further from the truth.

JacobBarnettTwelve year old wonderboy Jacob Barnett bewilders the scientific community while working on the most complex mathmatic concepts.

mahatirAccording to Malaysian former president Mahatir Mohammed, information about flight MH370 is beeing withheld by the CIA.  Searching for the airplane off the coast of West Australia is a waste of time and money he added.


What to do when out of inspiration???  “Get some” :D ok poor choice of words haha,  but u know the geste.  Here’s some websites that do just that while making your blogging/social media life a little easier in the process.  We listed them in categories for you to browse through.

im-not-saying-that-it-was-aliens-but-it-was-aliens It’s human nature to conspire against one and other hence it stands to reason our history is shaped by conspiracies.  We do it on big scale,… some of us do it on small scale at work or in our social circles.  2 or more people planning to do harm to a third is by definition a conspiracy.  Gossiping,  manipulation,  lies and straight up bamboozling our fellow man.  Next up,  7 proven conspiracies that helped shape the world into what it is today.  Enjoy :)